Metabolic, V02 & Nutritional Testing

V02 allergy testing

Breakdown of what happens during a V02 & RMR test, as well as results from a hair analysis test to find out intolerances.


Finding Your Motivation

How to get motivated and stay motivated

Have you ever experienced days, weeks, or even MONTHS where you just.aren't.motivated?? Yep, we've all been there. Procrastination sets in, the internet/social media/netflix distractions become the norm, and we seem to lose sight of where we want to be in life. So WHY do we let this happen?? Because it's comfortable. Because it's safe, and …

Top 13 Tips for New Yoga Teachers

top tips for new yoga teachers

It's been over a yearย since I taught my first-ever yoga class, and while I don't consider myself a tenured teacher by any means, I have learned A LOT in my first year of teaching. When I went into training, I had so many fears and concerns, along with an infinite amount ofย questions... What do I …